Welcome to your Lifestyles journey to better health and wealth!

Our promise is to enhance people’s quality of life every day through a proven business Intra Opportunity and premium health and wellness products. Lifestyles has a rich history of helping millions of people live better every day.

People around the world, just like you, are taking advantage of our proven business Opportunity. Some are building new avenues of wealth and financial independence, while others are looking to supplement their income.

The Lifestyles Opportunity has created several self-made millionaires and has improved the health of millions worldwide. With Lifestyles, you will benefit from a business built on our industry-leading products.

Not only will you enjoy improved health by using Lifestyles products, but you will also experience personal growth and fulfillment as you progress through Lifestyles Distributor Career and Compensation Plan.

Lifestyles is an established and secure company that you can partner with in complete confidence. Join the Lifestyles family today and be a part of one of the most respected businesses in the industry, recognized as a world leader in building success through health and wealth.

Your path to better health and financial freedom starts with your drive to succeed! So what are your dreams for the future? We can help you get there!

Getting Started

If you’re excited to get your business off the ground, Lifestyles offers a number of Success Programs to help you start earning money right away.

Throughout your Lifestyles journey, you will never be alone. With our comprehensive training, easy-to-understand business model and helpful support system, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your network and maximize your income.

Lifestyles Success Programs

Instant Direct Program
Sign-up with 2,800 points in Personal Group Volume* and be promoted to Direct Distributor plus receive one (1) FREE case of Intra
Express Direct Program
Sign-up with 1,470 points in Personal Volume** and be promoted to Direct Distributor, plus receive three (3) FREE bottles of Intra
LIFEbuilder: The Power of 3
Sign-up as Express Direct and sponsor 2 NEW frontline Express Direct Distributors within thirty (30) days

For more information about Lifestyles Success Programs, click here.

Your membership includes:

  • Worldwide Membership
  • Discount/Profits and Bonuses
  • Distributor Kit
  • Company Support
  • Up-line Support
  • Training and Education
  • Online tools

Business Building Tools

With Lifestyles, you are in business for yourself but you are never by yourself.

From the very beginning, you’ll receive step-by-step training and support tools to help you establish a solid business and reach your income goals through Lifestyles Distributor Success Programs.

As a Lifestyles Distributor, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive business building tools (Distributor kit)
  • Distributor Success Training Guide
  • Your own personalized website (
  • Your own Personal Business Center (PBC)
    • – Business building reports
    • – Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP)
    • – Online shopping
    • – 24/7 access
  • Social media support (Facebook/YouTube)
  • Support through Lifestyles Corporate Website

Every year Lifestyles rewards and recognizes Distributors for their achievements at international events, national galas and leadership meetings. These events provide Distributors with the opportunity to network with peers, create lifelong friendships and hear inspiring success stories from fellow Distributors around the world.

Lifestyles is always adding new business tools to ensure your success as a Distributor. Take advantage of Lifestyles business building tools and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

The Compensation Plan

The Lifestyles Compensation Plan is designed to pay you for your efforts. Whether you are building a part-time income or full-time business, the Compensation Plan is your road map to success and provides you with many rewards along the way.

There are countless ways to build your Lifestyles Business at your own pace. The best part – it’s all up to you!

Start earning more money through our 5 streams of income:

  • RETAIL PROFIT 20 – 40%

As part of the Lifestyles family, you will never be alone. With our comprehensive training, easy-to-understand business model, and a helpful support system, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your network and maximize your income. The sky is the limit on your earning potential – with Lifestyles, anything is possible!

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